Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Barbary Coast - One Week Left

As a reminder, the Barbary Coast Hotel & casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is scheduled to close in approximately one week. On or about Tuesday 27 February 2007, The Barbary Coast will cease to exist. The location will close for approximately two days, and will then reopen under a different name.
Souvenirs were in short supply last week. I do not know what the situation is today, but it can not be better, as they were not going to be getting any more Barbary Coast named merchandise in.
Souvenirs which had the Barbary Coast name on them, were being sold at 50% off last week; items such as shirts, golf balls, and mugs.
In the event that the traditional items have all sold out by now (a very real possibility) there is still the safety souvenir of taking a photo of the front of the place before the sign changes.

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