Friday, February 23, 2007

Las Vegas - Barbary Coast Hotel And Casino

Las Vegas - Barbary Coast Hotel And Casino

The official done-deal word of the closing of The Barbary Coast has not been announced yet. I would not bet against it though. Before the end of this month, the much loved Las Vegas Hotel And Casino, The Barbary Coast, will close for several days. When it reopens, it will be named Bill's Gamblin Hall and Saloon.

One must wonder just how long that entire stretch of block will remain in it's present incarnation. Whatever The Barbary Coast is called, it is still a small structure at a major intersection.

Nobody will announce much that is significant until after The Stardust falls next month. The risk of being overshadowed in the news is too strong.

After The Stardust is gone, I would expect to hear news being released, which is right now sitting on the burners. [How much longer until The New Frontier announces something?]

Meanwhile we have arrived at the final weekend of The Barbary Coast.

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