Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Castaways Casino Implosion - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Castaways Casino Implosion - Las Vegas, Nevada.

While we wait for The Stardust to fall, let's take a look back at The Castaways Hotel and Casino implosion.

The Castaways was imploded on Wednesday 11 January 2006.

Unlike The Stardust, only the lower level windows of The Castaways were removed. As well, the sign atop The Castaways remained in place and was destroyed with the fall of the building.

When The Stardust goes down, it will just be steel and concrete. No signs.
The implosion of The Castaways took place at approximately 7:07 AM.

From the flash and smoke of the first charges, to the kickup dust cloud caused by the totality of the building hitting the ground, took about 6 seconds. Since this was in daylight, it was easy to take still photographs.

Although it is not official, it seems that The Stardust will be imploded at 2:00 AM (two hours after midnight). The darkness will make it a difficult still shoot. So will the crowd and crowd control.

Las Vegas will never be the same.

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