Friday, February 23, 2007

7 Things Missed About The Stardust Hotel And Casino In Las Vegas

Seven things that will be missed about The Stardust Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas.

1-Good parking and road access. Never feeling "stuck" inside a garage.

2-A sports book with a "serious" feel. A SPORTS BOOK.

3-Interacting with employees who had a sense of history and pride in their job. More so than many others in Las Vegas.

4-A casino floor that had levels (minor as they were, the steps/ramps did give a feel that one was going from area to area rather than just being in a large room)...the casino floor was travelable.

5-The wonderful and comfortable seating in the hotel lobby.

6-The excitement of reaching the sports book side, after a long walk through the more animated areas.

7-The fantastic experience of exiting through the sports book doors, at night, and seeing off to the right the three sided Stardust advertisement sign turning -- this was a genuine Las Vegas experience.

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