Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Echelon Place - Las Vegas

A press release about Boyd Gaming, which included details about Echelon Place has got me rather interested in this project.
[Echelon Place will be built on the site of The Stardust, in Las Vegas, Nevada.]
Some of the interesting points concerning Boyd Gaming and Echelon Place are:
  1. They are preparing to commence construction of Echelon Place in the second quarter 2007.
  2. They expect to open Echelon Place in the third quarter 2010.
  3. Echelon Place will have five unique hotels
  4. The property is designed in such a way that although a large property, vehicle and walking access will be easy.
  5. There will be seven vehicle arrival points.
  6. Approximately 9000 parking spaces.
  7. Approximately 5000 rooms (cumulative from all five hotels).
  8. 140,000 sq foot casino.
  9. The pool and recreation area will have multiple levels.

There will also be the expected range of theaters, convention space, restaurants, clubs, and retail space.

As well Boyd is making use of their land in such a way that they will be able to add to the planned construction if and when they so desire, without interrupting their initial construction phase.

As sorry as I was to see The Stardust go, I am very pleased with what Boyd has planned for this site. My expectation now is that they will create a place that may well be the finest on The Las Vegas Strip.

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