Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Ballys Las Vegas Question

How much longer will Bally's Las Vegas remain in it's current form?
Specifically I am thinking of all the space which contains the running water, trees, walking paths, and moving sidewalk entryway. That is a lot of space to be non-income producing (from a bean counters point of view) in the current climate of counting every square foot.
In actual practice, it is difficult to definitively know what the true bottom line effect of such non-income producing areas are. It is possible that the mix of open area brings people in to the inner area (to spend money) who otherwise would have passed by without spending a dime. But people who count for a living don't go for that.

I have heard that that Caesar's Palace Las Vegas is considering doing away with the outdoor Roman Plaza. It's new, and nice to walk around, and apparently it's days are numbered.

So the question remains - how long will the open air space in front of Bally's Las Vegas, remain open air space?

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