Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wynn - Almost 2nd Anniversary (And A List!!! ) !

The 2 year anniversary of the opening of Wynn occurs as Friday the 27th of April becomes Saturday the 28th. Wynn officially opened to the general public at the very start of Thursday 28 April 2005.
People lined up on Las Vegas Boulevard hours early, on the evening of Wednesday 27 April 2005 for the midnight opening.
Here is a shot from 2 days before Wynn opened.
At the time of this photo:

1-Wynn was not yet open.
2-Trump Las Vegas was not yet begun. [Now near complete.]
3-Trump sales office was still being built.
4-Stardust was still open. [Since imploded.]
5-Westward Ho was still open. [Since demolished.]
6-The Ho (Industrial addition) was still open. [Since demolished.]
7-Barbary was Barbary. [Sorry.]
8-Double decker buses were not yet on The Strip.
9-Boardwalk was still open. [Since imploded.]
10-Bourbon Street was still open. [Since imploded.]
11-Klondike (Strip location) was still open. [Closed but standing.]
And a lot of other stuff which I haven't the time to think of.

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