Saturday, April 21, 2007

Las Vegas Boulevard - Bicycle

Something odd about seeing a bicycle in the middle lane of LVB.


christopher said...

hehe yeah lately I've been working on getting into better shape for the summer and stuff. I've rediscovered the touristy fun of walking the Strip for exercise. I used to never understand those people that didn't go out while visiting Las Vegas and are out there at 6am jogging down the Strip while I'm leaving Empire or something... but exercising over there can make it interesting enough to where you even feel like you're exercising at all. I went last night for a quick 3 mile walk on the Strip, actually..

-=- christopher

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L.E. Fant said...

Since your caption does not include a question mark one must assume your sentence is a statement, not a question. I disagree with your subjective assumpion Ray. To the bicyclist- his position on the road is probably normal.