Friday, April 6, 2007

Las Vegas Grand Prix Weekend...

...starts today, Friday 6 April 2007.

Today is Friday 6 April 2007

-Starting today, and going on every Friday for the next year, The Tropicana is going to have special Friday events to celebrate their 50th year. The Tropicana turned 50 on April 4th, I think.

-Today, tomorrow, and Sunday is the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. It will take place downtown (Fremont Street etc) and the area will be a traffic jam.

-The Plaza, which is located on the west (Main Street end) of the Fremont Street Experience will allow anyone who wants to come, to attend a garage rooftop party and watch the race from there. They will have food from Memphis Championship Barbecue. From the rooftop of The Plaza garage, a significant portion of the course can be seen.

The Plaza looks nicer at night now that they light it up blue (I miss that from The Stardust).
Many streets in the area will be closed, including Main Street going past The Plaza.

It strikes me as very cool that as other nearby hotels have supposedly voiced stricter and more militant garage regulations for the time period of this event, The Plaza has found a way to be friendly and capitalize on the event and the inconveniences which go along with it.

The fastest speed predicted for the race is 190 miles per hour, and I have read that this is believed to occur on Bonneville Avenue.

This will be my only post today (Friday).

Good job Plaza!

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