Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Las Vegas Grand Prix - Fremont Street

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is this weekend. On Las Vegas Boulevard in the area of The Strip, there is no sign of the race. I haven't seen any promotions for it there.

On Fremont Street, and the downtown area, it is a different story.

Streets are already closed off, or partitioned off, with concrete barriers and fences, forming the gauntlet which the race will run through.

Here are 2 shots from Fremont Street.

The sign was located near the Main Street end of The Fremont Street Experience(the side with The Golden Gate and The Las Vegas Club). I'm sure the sign is located elsewhere as well.

The race car on display is in front of The Four Queens Hotel.

Today I will be posting a lot throughout the day, as I tend to my laundry and other nonsense.

Of particuar interest may be shots of the streets already walled in for the Grand Prix. Those and others from downtown Las Vegas will be posted today.

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