Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Las Vegas Grand Prix - The Streets

The Lady Luck Hotel, (one of my favorite names) has been closed for more than a year to be renovated. I don't think any renovations have taken place; the place just sits there dark. In one of the shots with this post, you can see the street (Ogden) set up for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and in the background is the dark Lady Luck.

Another shot looks up Ogden toward Main Street, with Ogden barricaded and fenced in for the race. Right now, at every crossable intersection, there is a concrete barrier which is left ajar so that people may still cross the street. On race day the barrier will be moved in line with the others, and crossing will be done by temporary staircase crossovers. These temporary crossovers do not have ramps or elevators or escalators, so for people who have difficulty with mobility there may be problems getting around.

In yet another photo, Fremont looking up to the El Cortez shows half of the street ripped up, and traffic only one way. There is a lot of construction going on in this old area, and combined with the traffic disruptions that will be caused by the Las Vegas Grand Prix, downtown will be difficult to drive around, especially for people unfamiliar with the area.

The streets are very crowded and lively, and aside from the difficulty of traffic, this ought to be one of the better, more exciting times to visit Fremont Street and downtown Las Vegas.

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