Friday, February 24, 2012

Las Vegas - Fremont Street Zip Line Video - Las Vegas Schools At Fremont Street

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Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fremont Street Zip Line Attraction.

I was walking down Fremont Street yesterday, and apparently they had something going on with the public schools where students were zip lining and being announced in some kind of ceremony or celebration.

On a stage was a student band playing jazz.  Various education related people were being announced on the stage.

Turn the sound up.  As the zipliners come flying under the Fremont Street Experience, you can here a woman on a microphone announcing the school.

No idea what it was about.  I just happened to be there.

It is somewhat entertaining, maybe, that in Las Vegas, students are engaged in something which is in an area which is more than generally for adults.  Fremont Steet is gambling, booze, and sexy women.

Video is mine, not embedded from someone else.  Hope you enjoy.

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