Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video Of Oscars Beef Booze and Broads Steak House in Las Vegas Nevada

As I perhaps return to the sub mediocre level of performance which I once had on this site I would prefer to have all my posts be my own entirely - but I think that I will liberate myself from that self imposed demand from time to time.

I have recently done a post on Oscar;s Beef Booze and Broads Steak House at the Plaza.  Here is a video of this wonderful new restaurant, (and entrepreneurial adventure by former mayor and classic Las Vegas resident Oscar Goodman) which someone has just recently posted on YouTube.

It is very cool to see the inside of the restaurant on video, as I have not yet dined there.

I remember the location of this restaurant being shown in the movie Pay It Forward.  It was a coffee shop in that movie.  Perhaps it used to be; even though I live here, I have not lived here forever, and there are many places where I have not been.

Here is a cool short video though, and it's not mine, but I hope that you like it.  I did.

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