Monday, February 20, 2012

Ghost Photographed At Sahara In Las Vegas?

Both of these photos may be clicked on to show a larger version.
The above photo is the original; no enhancement.  It is of the southwest area of the Sahara.  As this photo was taken in February 2012, the Sahara is long since closed at this point.

Below is the same photo after enhancing the lighting of the photo only.
I see two phenomena in the enhanced photo.  They look like ghosts to me.

I have placed two marks on the enhanced photo, A and B.

A-To the right of the letter A I see a ghostly mans head looking out and downward.

B-Above the letter B, in the right most window pane, I see a vertically whispy torso and head of a man, also looking out.

I do not know if this is actually paranormal activity or merely an oddity caused by the photo enhancement.

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