Monday, February 27, 2012

Roy Vegas Is Irritated - Las Vegas

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The Fremont Street Experience on a February afternoon 2012.

There's a lot of nothing along the roof of that souvenir shop building.  To the right and left of the video screen that wall space ought to be improved.

I'd like to see some classically lettered neon up there.  Maybe.

I got to thinking about it as I was typing this post, and looked at the bottom photo.  The video screen (which says SHOT GLAS)  irritated me.  The Fabulous Las Vegas Jewelry & Gifts sign below it irritated me too.  Then the blank rooftop wall irritated me.  Blankness can be good, but this environment doesn't call for it.

And now I'm irritated.

And now I think what bugs me most is that the small video screen over the larger lettered sign, is an incorrect combination.  Aesthetically incorrect.  Like seeing a fat head with a tiny hat balanced on top.

Nothing against the gift shop, but that video screen has got to be replaced with something larger.

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