Thursday, October 11, 2007

Frontier Las Vegas - Demolition Update 11 October 2007

I suppose that I must make a few posts because the people who rip stuff off from my blog (Hello France!) might otherwise not have any fresh material.

My dear readers I again apologize for my reduced posting. It will pick up again as I reorganize my life for increased time demands.

The present state of The Frontier as of my visual inspection done early Thursday 11 October 2007 is thus:

  • All exterior lights are off. For a long time, the lights at the front valet entrance, as well as the nearby sidewalk entrance, remained lit. No more. The signs are still there, but the exterior of the building is now 100% dark.

  • The front valet structure/entrance (weather roof) remains intact.

  • The rear valet entrance structures as previously noted are completely gone.

  • Most glass still remains on the building. However, there are many sporadic windows on all sides which are open, broken, or removed.

  • There are no longer any open-air rooms to be seen from the rear of The Frontier. As seen in my recent posts, it was possible to see furniture and room structures where the exterior glass had been completely removed. That line of rooms have been demolished. The walls and internal items are gone. Small bulldozers are parked in their place.

This is all I have time for now. I have more to post early tomorrow, on this and other stuff. I will also be catching up on email and laundry. And perhaps sleep.

Hello Las Vegas celebrity L.E.Fant!

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