Saturday, October 13, 2007

Las Vegas Sign - Tree Project

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign Palm Tree Beautification - that is the official project name.

A month or so ago I advised of the fading opportunity to photograph the sign area before the start of modifications.

Here you can see the current state of the sign area, with newly planted palm trees.

Three years ago, the sign did not even have the small card-suit-mound at it's base. It was just the sign on a bare rough sand median.


Alex said...

with so many palm trees i will think that i am in los angeles not las vegas!

Walter said...

Roy. You still there? I miss the good updates. How is the Frontier looking? I hear they still plan on a 13 November implosion. Does that look doable at this point?

Peggy said...

Roy, where are you? I need my Vegas fix. Hope you are OK