Friday, February 22, 2013

Vegas Hotel Customers Want Laid Not Caesar Paid

Las Vegas, Nevada

According to online news Caesars will begin charging (mandatory by them) resort fees at many if not all of their properties.  For the fee, customers will have telephone service in their room, use of the hotel's fitness center, and imagine this - internet access.

The fee will be 10 to 25 dollars a day.  I do not know if there are any specifications as to how many people in a room may be covered under the daily fee.

Among those mentioned were Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Rio, Paris Las Vegas, The Quad, and more.

Here is what I find obnoxious, supposedly a spokesman for Caesars Entertainment has said that as a result of surveys, it was determined that their customers wanted a package price as opposed to fees which are separate.

The statement does not address a comparison of whether or not their customers would prefer to pay anything at all as a fee, especially considering that so many people have telephone service and internet access right on their own cell phone or other similar device.

As well, I would be surprised if anything close to the majority of guests in Las Vegas use fitness centers during their stay in a Las Vegas hotel.

My experience as a human being has led me to conclude that most people do not use a fitness center at all.  I don't imagine that such people are likely to suddenly use a fitness center, even having been charged.

The only exercise that is probably on the minds of those having a vacation at a Las Vegas hotel, is getting laid in their room.

What they are going to be getting is screwed.

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