Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fontainebleau Las Vegas - How Was It Even Possible?

Las Vegas, Nevada

The remains of Fontainebleau, the only of the original 7 ancient wonders of the world to survive to present day.   Many Vegasologists believe that Fontainebleau was built as a hotel around 2550 bce.  Not everyone agrees.

If this was a hotel, how come no guest has ever been found?

Another theory put forth has been that it was a power plant which may have made use of the sun and wind.

In the center of the great structure a horizontal line can be seen which some claim is a water line.  Is it possible that Fontainebleau is much older than has been commonly repeated in academic circles?

Is it possible that Fontainebleau is evidence of a great flood?  If so, then how far back [antediluvian] was it built?  What methods did the ancients use to get such heavy beams so high?

It is as if the ancients were looking to the future to stump us as we look at Fontainebleau and ask, how was it even possible?

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