Friday, November 23, 2007

Where In Las Vegas - Abandoned Balcony

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Where In Las Vegas ?

Where is this abandoned balcony?


Mike Prescott said...

I'll make a guess of Key Largo?

Roy said...

Interesting guess, but it is not Key Largo.

Added clue:
This balcony is located on The Strip (which by my definition is Las Vegas Boulevard, from Mandalay Bay to The Stratosphere).

Anonymous said...

Interesting curved roof there too. That looks like it could be the Algiers, but I don't remember it having balconies.

jim from orlando said...

very strange, I was watching the movie Casino on Saturday while looking at the picture of the balcony posted here. Good Vegas movie, with Rober DeNiro, Joe Peschi, and Sharon Stone. There was a scene with Peschi and Stone at a motel room, it was the same style of the balcony, it looked like it was at the La Concha. is that it???
Keep up the Good work Roy!

Roy said...

That is indeed correct, Jim. (La Concha) - When I get a chance, I have to go back and look at Casino to see which balcony they used.