Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Frontier Implosion Aftermath

Here is the first daylight look at The Frontier, following the implosion. I took these photos approximately 10 or 11 hours after the implosion.

The shorter buildings which surrounded the main hotel tower are still standing. From the front, a person who did not know that a larger tower was there, would not suspect that anything was missing.

I will likely get to posting those front view photos tomorrow. One can actually see right through the rooms, to the hallway, and to the rooms on the other side. They are not furnished, but the classic Frontier doors remain.


BrownElf said...

Roy, these are the best photos I have seen of the aftermath. Very impressive. Thank you for posting - Walter

MyNetwork said...

Hi Roy
I saw the photos and is interesting that the letters of the sign stayed almost perfect
Take one with you to your home!
Will value a good money years to come!

Ray said...

So Roy, you're the wizard no doubt!
Where do they take these hotels to after they destroy them? There must be a massive grave yard of hotel scrap out there somewhere!

SRW said...

Thank you Walter.

Alex, I actually would have liked the Silver Slipper parking sign in the back of The Frontier. Giant letters though - no way. It would interfere with my attempt at being a low level minimalist.

Ray, I don't know exactly where they dump the "trash." I imagine that some of the large letters wind up in the garage of a demolition worker. The preserved signs go to the boneyard in the north. I photographed that place last week while going past, but probably not good enough for a post; (I haven't even viewed those shots yet, even though I offloaded them).