Sunday, June 3, 2012

Venetian Las Vegas Carnevale Sign Construction 2 June 2012

Venetian Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
That is what the sign being built at Venetian must be for anyway.

These photos are from Saturday evening 2 June 2012. The sign going up at Venetian is sort of like the sign at Orleans on Tropicana.  It has an opera type mask, and what appears to be part of a jesters hat.

I looked around online and found a page on Venetian's website promoting Carnevale.  It has similar images.

Carnevale - A Celebration of Imagination from 4 June to 9 September 2012.

It's about art, music, wine, food, and entertainment.  Spare me jester related entertainment.

So, we shall see shortly if this sign under construction at Venetian is indeed for Carnevale.  It must be, right?  What else could it be?

It's Carnevale.

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