Saturday, April 14, 2012

Casino Royale Sidewalk Jam Las Vegas

Casino Royale ought to do something about the sidewalk jam in front of their place.  It's disgusting, and would still exist even if the various hawkers were banned.

I suppose that Casino Royale won't do anything as the jam creates a busy area and brings people right up to their place.  Why would they want to expedite pedestrians past their location.

I can understand that point of view, but the rare time that I am walking past Casino Royale, I just want to get right past it because of the slow moving, sometimes not moving, pedestrian traffic.

There is not enough width on the sidewalk.  People hawking stuff, handing out breath mint samples, all sorts of nonsense exacerbate the already jammed spot.

Casino Royale is unique with its pastel colors.  At night lit up, it is very pretty.  If they cut 10 feet into the place, it is entirely possible that the added flow and area might actually help the business of Casino Royale and not hurt it.

More trouble than it is worth, I suppose, but the pedestrian traffic jam there is unacceptable.

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